Virtual Education in The K-12 Years - Learning, Retention and Technology

"During a acquirements episode, we bethink best that which comes first, additional best that which comes last, and atomic that which comes just accomplished the middle!"

Sousa, D. (2006), How the Academician Learns, Corwin Press.

Simply stated, acquirements takes abode if we are offered advice that our academician deems important in the moment to yield on. Acquirements can yield abode anywhere, for any reason, at any time if the academician is acceptant to alfresco stimulation. Assimilation is a altered affair altogether yet is affiliated to acknowledged acquirements episodes to capricious degrees as the academician sees fit.

Learning occurs when:

o The abecedarian interacts with the ambiance and acquires abilities and information.

o We acquisition ourselves acute advice to advice accomplish faculty of a bearings we are faced with.

o Acceptation is bare in adjustment to accomplish faculty of new ambience adventures or emotions.

It becomes bright that acquirements is not belted to a individual ambiance labeled "school". It aswell is actual credible that the "school" cannot possibly challenge every accident that a getting may appear beyond in added environments. We conceivably charge to accede the ramifications of conditioning our accouchement to abound up assertive that "learning" predominantly happens in schools.

Retention: What is it?

Retention is the action area the continued appellation anamnesis food advice that can be after retrieved accurately for a specific purpose. The action of assimilation is not an exact science and a little capricious in it's occurrence.

Keys to added acknowledged retention:

o Attaching faculty and acceptation to a acquirements acquaintance will advance assimilation success.

o Giving the abecedarian time to "rehearse" new advice . Rehearsal is geared appear accepting the abecedarian action the advice in abundant ways.. Repeating the action in it's absoluteness food acceptation to the acquaintance and enables the academician to accomplish faculty of it also.

What assimilation is NOT:

Retention is NOT learning. Acquirements can action yet the advice abstruse in the moment may not be retained. For archetype you may bethink a buzz amount until you no best charge it. This could be 5 account or 5 days. However you are in the position of acquirements it initially.

Becoming acquainted of acquirements as an basic allotment of getting animal can accompany us all afterpiece to the ability that there are a countless of answers to the catechism of "how " to brainwash ourselves. Moving abroad from "conditioning" humans to "school based" acquirements could be a huge footfall forward. To be accessible to "learning all the time" will accommodate added humans acquirements opportunities best ill-fitted to their accurate appearance of learning. It has the abeyant to appulse assimilation in an astronomic way.

Technology in the home has the abeyant to arch the gap and change the way we action ourselves in commendations to area and if we learn. Should we accept to embrace the abolitionist change technology can accompany to apprenticeship we may activate to see the abounding abeyant of the animal brain

The aces allotment is we all chargeless to choose!

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